Entryway Design Ideas That Can Be Both Functional and Decorative

The entrance to your home is the place where one forms the first impression of your house. Whether one feels welcomed or not, be it yourself depends on how well you design and manage the entryway.

It does not matter whether you have a large foyer or almost little to no place after entering through the door. With a proper designing even, a small place can be exuberant and welcoming, and absence of it may render even a large foyer area dysfunctional and dull.

Here are some design ideas to give entrance of your home a new refreshing and stylish makeover –

    1. Brilliant Lighting Fixtures

When you enter a house, the first impression a gorgeous chandelier, a simple yet elegant pendant or wall sconces give has lasting impact. Pick up the best lighting design for foyer from Sofary. If you don’t have enough space for a chandelier, you can simply choose a crystal flush-mount ceiling light with modern design. Sofary is a Seattle based company, which strives to deliver you high quality product with affordable prices.

    2. Make Your Entryway Functional

Most of the time what happens is that you often find yourself stumbling over at your doorstep. This basically shows how cramped your entrance has become. It’s not that you don’t have enough space but because you are unable to manage the space. Thus, it loses functionality.

You need to organize the place with proper storage and things like hooks to hang coats and bags, a drawer to keep your keys and stack the mails, and a small cabinet to store away your shoes. This clears up a lot of space at the entrance to pass freely. Now you can feel relaxed to welcome the visitors.

    3. Furniture and Decor

In some houses, there is no distinction between the foyer area and the main space. Furniture like a bench or chair to sit or a small table can do the work. It is even easy to open or wear your shoes sitting rather than bending while standing or jumping around on one leg. If you have no space to put up furniture, use a different color setting and decor.

A mirror, whether a simple functional one or a beautiful decor, brightens up a space by reflecting lights more. It also gives an illusion of a larger and spacious area. It also works fine if you need a last-minute touch-up.

You can also add a piece of art and make it the focus. Then add decors and furniture complimenting it and not overwhelming. Do not forget to put in some stylish basket as extra storage unit that can be tucked under the table or bench.

    4. Incorporate A Personal Feel

Giving your space a personal touch like adding a family photo or a souvenir from a memorable trip is what makes it so different from other houses. It defines who you are. As soon as you enter, these things would welcome you and relieve most of the stress of a strenuous day.

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