What is Duodenal Switch Surgery? How Is it Beneficial?

The duodenal switch is another procedure for weight loss operation, which is a combination of both – sleeve gastrectomy and also gastric bypass.

This means, the procedure will decrease number of calories which will be absorbed by your intestines by reducing the intestine amount that will come in contact with the food and also reduce the food quantity that may be accommodated by your stomach and also used by your body.

This will let the patient lose their weight without making any significant changes in their eating habits. Usually, our stomach can hold approximately 5 to 6 ounces of food, and after undergoing this procedure, typically one will be able to hold just ½ to 1 ounce.

Let us try to learn more about duodenal switch procedure.

Duodenal switch procedure

Generally, this procedure is performed only in the hospital by using general anesthesia. It is a laparoscopic procedure, where the surgery will start with multiple ½” long incision in certain area of stomach and also middle of abdomen.

Stomach will remain attached with small intestine’s first segment – the duodenum, which will then be separated from rest of small intestine.

Thereafter, duodenum will be attached to lowest part of small intestine and will bypass majority of 2nd and 3rd segments of small intestine.

As a result, certain portions of small intestine which are bypassed will be unable to absorb any nutrition from food due to decreased amount of intestine, which absorbs food that will be with far lesser calories, vitamins and minerals.

Surgeon will ensure that no areas will be leaking, and then instruments will be withdrawn and incisions are closed by absorbable sutures or any sterile tape.

duodenal switch


Life after undergoing duodenal switch

This surgical procedure can give excellent results and average patient will lose 70 – 80% of excess weight within 2 years after the procedure.

Though, patients who prefer this surgery method are at higher risk of deficiency of nutrition than any other kinds of surgery for weight loss.

Surgeons believed that with this procedure food will get opportunity to get digested better and decreasing malnutrition level, vitamin deficiencies and prevent dumping syndrome after the surgery.

However, following the 2 surgeries, it has been observed that in malnutrition rate there is no big difference.

Most of the patients who prefer this surgery type will end up with long-term lasting results. Lifestyle changes will not be so crucial as compared to any other kinds of surgery.

Besides that, patients will be able to eat significantly larger portions as compared to those who preferred other kinds of weight loss surgeries, and hence greater patient satisfaction.

Certainly, there are advantages of eating much larger meals, and also achieve substantial weight loss and that can also be maintained, which are very attractive for any prospective patients.

However, follow up of patients by the surgeons after the procedure can be quite changing, if the patient has to travel longer distances to pay a visit to their surgeon.

Therefore, before considering this procedure, your convenience after surgery to make follow up appointments must be ensured. Therefore, choose a nearby surgeon in your area.

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