Cycle Your Way Through The Streets Of Rome To Know About The Historic City

Rome offers an extensive number of stunning places. Not many of us consider the possibility of exploring the city by bike when planning our itinerary. Due to the overflowing number of tourists, wading through the city’s traffic is no cakewalk. By renting a cycle, you can stay clear of traffic jams, pedestrians, aggressive drivers, and cobblestone infested hills.

Apart from being a great way to get a better view of Rome’s antique streets, cycling your way in Rome grants access to landmarks where bus tours can’t reach because of the traffic. Though the place is not exactly deemed as a cyclist’s paradise, getting around Rome in a bicycle has lots of advantages.

  • Easy to commute: Rome is a vast city and vehicles in general, would be forced to take long detours because of the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL). By hiring electric bikes, you can cover more places in a matter of hours.
  • Cuts down waiting time: It takes a large chunk of time waiting in traffic. Cycling cuts down on the time spent on the commute and makes it possible to visit more landmarks in a matter of hours.
  • No parking space scuffle: Everyone who drives is aware of how annoying it is searching for parking spaces. You can park bikes on almost all streets. You don’t have to walk your way to the landmark after your bus drops you in the entrance. You can drive all your way to the entrance and park your bikes there.
  • Bypass all travel obstacles: It is next to impossible for non-residents with private cars to gain access to the Historic Centre of Rome. Cyclists and pedestrians aren’t affected by ZTL.
  • It is pure fun: When the weather is just right, being outdoors is fun. There is double the amount of fun involved with E-bikes.

Bike tours in Rome:

This vacation, take a break from the usual guided bus tours and sign up with the bike tours. Several companies are offering Rome bike tours. Visit the website of TopBike Rentals and Tours if you are looking for tour packages in Rome. They are a popular pick among tourists since they offer a handful of tour options to choose from.

Their tours cater to every traveler be it a short stop in Rome or a longer stay. But that’s not the only best thing about them. They offer private bicycle tours where you get to customize your itinerary.

Location-specific tours available: 


City Centre Highlights and Afternoon City Centre:

Apart from covering the city’s main attraction, it includes hidden squares and lesser-known sights. It starts quite early to avoid the crowds. The 4-hour tour is perfect for first-time travelers and covers all the must-see highlights. Include bike tours in the first or second day of your itinerary so that you’ll get an idea about the general historical framework.

Rome in one day: If you are stopping by Rome only for a day or two, taking this tour is highly recommended. The 7-hour tour adds more sights and lets you see more of Rome. Enjoy sumptuous Italian food and Italian Espresso during the breaks.

Ancient Appian Way, Catacombs and Aqueducts Park: If you prefer visiting sites away from the populous city like the ancient ruins and breath-taking landscapes, this one is for you.

Roman Views: Aimed at savvy travelers, this one is bound to put more pressure on your calves since you are going to be cycling along the hills. The views are totally worth it though.

With the ongoing construction of more and more bike paths, Rome is now bike-friendly and it is easy to get around. Make the most of your stay by taking bike tours.

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