Teenage Boy Learning How To Drive

Tell Your Teenage Son to Follow These Driving Tips for Safe Driving

In order to prepare for obtaining driving license for your teenage son, it is necessary to send him to some good school to learn driving. Only proper driving skills is not good enough to obtain license, it is necessary that they should be fully aware of road safety rules too.

As per the statistics available about various road accidents most of the fatal accidents takes place due to rash driving of teenagers as compared to any adult person.

Safer Drivers Course is essential for these teenagers, and they must be told about the following precautions to take, when they are behind the wheel.

  • Wearing seat belt

It is necessary to wear safety belts before one start driving and your teenage son must be told to follow this. Maximum deaths in an accident occur when the is not wearing seat belt.

  • Keep the mobile phones away

This is another potential reason for accident where the driver attends the call on his mobile and at the same time driving the vehicle.

Mobile phones can always distract the driver and most of the fatal accidents happen because of this reason.

  • Remain within specified speed limit

Make sure that your teenager never exceeds the speed limit as specified on the road. Speed definitely thrills at this age, but it also kills maximum drivers.

Maintaining proper speed will not only reduce the chances of accident but also avoid paying fine for breaking the rules.

  • Check the blind spot

Drivers can see what is happening behind his vehicle through side mirrors/rear mirrors. However, there is still sufficient areas for the other bikes, cars and people to remain hidden.

This is the reason why teenager drivers must always check the blind spots.

  • Avoid driving in other’s blind spot

In the same way, you must tell your teenage son not to enter into the blind spot of the other drivers who are also driving on the road in order to avoid sudden accident.

  • Avoid drunken driving

Drinking and driving can always be fatal, and your teenage son must be told to avoid drinking or taking drugs, when they are behind the wheel.

Even a small amount of alcohol present in the blood can easily distract a driver and cause any serious and fatal accidents.

  • Have hood sleep before driving

It is important to know that driving in sleepy condition is as dangerous as drunk driving. If your teenager son did not have enough sleep at night then don’t allow him to drive.

Always, insist him to get enough sleep before going for a long drive.

  • Turn on the headlights

It is important to turn on the head lights, if the vehicle is driven in the dark area or during night, so that other drivers can see you.

  • Take only few passengers

Ask your teenage son not to drive with many passengers. Having too many passengers can always cause distraction and also driver may often take wrong decision while driving at a fast speed that may cause accident.

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