Are You Travelling to Memphis of Tennessee? A Few Tips

Using various data as well as science, we have been able to identify few most dangerous cities of Tennessee for the year 2020.

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Memphis, which is a huge metropolitan area of the USA’s southeastern region is the second-largest city of Tennessee. Most tourists like to visit this place in order to see the mansion of Elvis Presley, who spent his last part of his life here.

Few things that you should know about Memphis before you decide to travel here.

Medium overall risk

Overall risk in Memphis is normally considered to be a medium but slowly it is implementing few safety rules in the streets. Few areas of the city can be very dangerous and one should avoid travelling there.

If you need to travel to such place then you should be extremely vigilant and hence keep an eye over the suspicious activities.

Transports are safe

As far as transport or taxi travel is concerned, the risk is pretty low. You can safely travel in taxis or trolleys in the downtown areas. However, if you have your own car to travel then it will be the best option.

You will also find good bus services provided by the Memphis Area Transit Authority also known as MATA. However, you must be careful during weekends and also night travel.

High pickpocket risk

Petty crime in Memphis is very common, like pick-pocketing, car break-ins, purse-snatching etc. Therefore, you must take some precautions such as holding your purse tightly or be careful while carrying them.

Medium natural disasters risk

As far as natural disasters are concerned, you may often find most dangerous threats from occasional earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes.

Mugging risk is medium

There can be few chances of getting mugged or kidnapped, particularly if you wonder in certain dangerous areas of Memphis. Therefore, it is always safe to remain within the crowded areas of the street and avoid travelling to lonely areas.

Also, try to avoid indulging in any altercation or argument with any gang members.

Less terrorism risks

There was no case of terrorist activities reported, but you cannot rule out the possibility of terrorist activity completely. Therefore, you must be careful about the surroundings and then move around.

Medium scams risk

Like any other tourist places, Memphis can also have certain risks of scams and therefore you must be careful if someone tries to draw your attention. Try to be careful particularly at the ATM where there can be the possibility of tampering.

Medium risk for women travelers

For women to travel in the Memphis city all alone may not be a very good option at all. There can be few dangerous neighborhoods which may not be even safe for traveling alone for men too.

You must use your common sense while walking around and women should never travel without accompanied by someone.

To conclude, few parts of the Memphis is quite safe to travel like Beale Street but for foreign tourists it is always better to be cautious and use your common sense.

Crime rates in this city can be higher in this city as compared to other nearby areas.

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