How to Choose an Ideal Fishing Charter?

An unforgettable time spent on water fishing will depend on the fishing charter you choose. Finding an ideal charter is crucial for a successful voyage because it incorporates all kinds of factors and concerns you may have about the fishing trip.

If you are planning a fishing trip to the Grand Cayman Island, then your concerns are about the gear, the unfamiliar water behavior, and ideal bait to be used for different species. Someone in your group may get seasick, how will this get handled. Cayman Islands Stingray City private charter offers experienced professionals, who make sure that every moment you spend on their boat is made memorable.

Even if you have limited time, there are charter package tours for three-hours. You can enjoy the starfish point, Stingray City and even snorkel the reef because the cruise offers 30 knots comfortably, thus saving one hour on travel time.

How to choose an ideal fishing charter?


From a financial perspective, saving a couple of hundreds is a practical decision but choosing the cheapest option can turn out to be a nightmare. You may feel that the price mentioned is outrageous but consider the costs needed for regular maintenance and repairs of the entire boat to avoid malfunction.

There are the license update costs, insurance premiums, docking fees, and offering every customer’s proper bait. Fuel is the vast cost and will depend on the boat and engine size as well as the distance to the fishing location.

If you opt for a cheap one means you are paying for an unskilled crew, lousy tackle, old boat, etc. Charter boat price is not an ideal indicator of service quality but a great starting point.

Safety first

Using a charter service for your fishing trip means you are placing your entire party’s life in the hands of a total stranger. On the open sea, you can experience sudden weather changes or dramatic situations like falling overboard or boat collision. Safety checklist includes –

  • Insurance coverage on every customer on the boat can be costly for the boat-owner. However, if you step on a partially covered boat, then in sudden accidental cases your claim can get denied and you would have to struggle with financial and physical pain.
  • Charters need to be equipped with Type 1 Personal Floatation Devices [PFDs], which are not comfortable for big game fishing. However, the Type 3 vests are designed for comfort and fishing. Even see where throw cushions and fire extinguishers are located on the ship.
  • The captain and crew must be skilled and know how to handle the surprises on rough waters. Before departure, check if the boat is clean and organized.
  • The captain must hold a license.
  • Check if the charter has twin engines.
  • Before departure check the weather report.

Consider your fishing style

Which fishing style are your planning – bottom fishing, trolling, jigging or fly fishing? Ask the potential charter if they can accommodate your particular angling desires and needs.

Boat size will depend on the number of people you are planning to go on a fishing trip. If you are tight on schedule, then opt for a private charter. Check the websites and read reviews and testimonials from previous customers.

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