Crab is the Best Seafood That Contains Minerals for Better Health

Crabs are sea creatures that are available in more than a thousand species around the world. However, only few species can be eaten as delicacies. Portunus trituberculatus is the most common species that is served as a delicacy in the restaurant. This means that around 300,000 tons of this species are caught every year so that you can enjoy seafood on your plate.

The entire crab isn’t worth eating. The hard skeleton is frost removed by breaking it and the nutritious meat hidden inside is scraped out. It’s the crab meat that is provided as food, in different flavors in the menu.

Crabmeat is sweet and juicy only when it is fresh. There are restaurants who claim to provide fresh seafood, but often fail to do so if there are fewer customers. Restaurants on seaside and beaches are all rich in seafood, which means the demand for seafood is more in this area and the chances of fresh food are maximum as it gets consumed frequently.

However, areas like Tucson, which is a town in Arizona is sandy plain in Sonoran Desert. The existing plant in this plain is mostly cactus. Therefore, we can surely understand that most seafood is imported from different cities. Hence, when you enter any restaurant ensure that their quality of food isn’t stale. If you crave for crawfish Tucson, then try Angry Crab Shack restaurant that provides premium quality of seafood. Even though they are located 806m above sea level, they invest in proper brands, products, and processes to obtain optimum quality.

Eating crabs not only satisfy your taste buds, but they also have many health benefits –

  • Crabmeat is rich in phosphorous that is good for the growth of teeth and bones. Those who suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis often find benefits in consuming crab meat.
  • Copper, omega-3, vitamin B2, and selenium work as a great combination for our nervous system. It protects nervous system and strengthens myelin.
  • Omega-3 helps in controlling cholesterol level and promotes anti-inflammatory activities all over the body. It also helps in reducing blood pressure, maintaining good heart health, and reduces chances of heart attacks and strokes.
  • Selenium directly stimulates the immune system which is always good for health. A good immune system protects you from diseases and keeps you strong.
  • Phosphorous in crab helps in improving the function of kidney that helps in releasing toxins faster and improves metabolism.
  • It also helps in increasing RBCs in the blood that reaches body parts smoothly because of cooper available in crab meat that absorbs iron in gut. Thus, further helping in gaining back health from any injury or illness.
  • It is beneficial for pregnant women who not only get the proper amount of phosphorous but also good quantity of Omega-3 as well. One can get full nourishment from 2-3 crabs in a day.
  • Crabmeat is full of Vitamin A which is good for enhancing eyesight. It helps in preventing cataract and muscular degeneration.

Now that you know that crab meat has so many benefits apart from having fun with the family while fishing. So, next time when your order crab meat for a family in a restaurant, don’t waste food.

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