Few Questions Asked About Escorts and Their Answers

There is often lots of misunderstanding about escorts, prostitutes or call girls in the society. Various movies and films have added more confusion about this profession.

Though people have been visiting to other women since ages. Now, LOveSita in Paris is engaged in providing decent escorts in a very professional manner who seeks their services.

Following are few typical questions that often remains in the mind of people while considering their service and therefore in this post we shall try to tell you the real facts about escorts. 

  1. Do escorts really get orgasms or just fake it?

Actually, both are true. At the time of sex act, if you can do it in loving manner then they too may enjoy sex with you and may even have real orgasm.

However, if they find you to be a novice or not performing well, then in order to entertain you they may moan or scream to give you a feeling that they really enjoyed sex with you and also had orgasm.

2. What type of girl usually become escorts?

There can be different reasons for different girls. There can be group of girls who simply enjoy sex and therefore choose this profession. There are few who join only for earning money.

Different girls may have different reasons and often you can find some of the finest girls are also in this profession.

3. Whether seeing an escort will help for any divorced man?

Yes, in many ways they can be helpful. Besides fulfilling the sexual needs of a divorced men, they can also provide relief to their mind from the bitterness which they had developed due to their failed marriage.

Besides giving you company during your loneliness you can get the feeling that you can still be accepted by a woman who can help in calming down your disturbed mind.

4. How to know if the escort is faking or she is real?

In most cases, you may not be in a position to know. However, at times you may also feel that she is real. She may fake you couple of orgasms but not in all. In case she turned into bright pink during sex then its real orgasm.

Also, if she starts singing after the act then too, she may have real orgasm. Also, if she forgets her money then too it may be real.

5. What is the best way to impress the escort?

Talk to her sweetly and respectfully. Admire her beauty and be nice to her. Show her good mannerism. Ask her how she enjoyed sex with you and appreciate her effort to keep you entertained.

Also follow her instruction during the act and try to behave as if you are trying to entertain her. Try to know her liking and dis-liking and strictly follow them.

6. Is sex with escort a completely impersonal experience?

Not really, after all they too are human and very social too. They can become very close to any stranger, though they are doing all for money. Few of them may be only interested in your money and least bothered about you but majority of them may not be so.

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