Important Things You Need to Know Before Booking A Driving Theory Test

Passing a driving theory test is a very essential step to acquire your full driving license. It is important to be ready before you go for this test. In this way, it saves you from wasting both money and time. In this post, we will tell you all those important things that you must know about the test before appearing for it.

Requirement for appearing in a driving theory test

Before you take a theory driving test, you will need to ensure that you have got your provisional license ready with you. You will need to provide the driving license number in order to register for the course. Without having this license, you would not be able to book for the theory test.

Skills you need to clear a driving theory test

You will need to learn about the road signs thoroughly. It is also important to get familiar with the theory related to essential skills of driving like dealing with emergency scenarios and be quick and precise at identifying hazards in the hazard perception test.

Structure of the test

Before you book for the driving test, it is very important to learn about its structure.  This test comprises of two sections. One of the sections comprises of fifty multiple choice questions. There is a passing percentage to clear this test.

Out of the 50 multiple choice questions, it is required to score a minimum of 43 to pass. If you are well prepared, then book theory test today. However, make sure that you revise the syllabus before appearing for the test.

The other section comprises of hazard perception test where a person is asked questions about the different hazards that can be encountered while driving the vehicle on the road. A student has to secure 44 marks out of 75 to pass the test. Once a student manages to obtain passing marks for this test, he will be considered as pass in the driving theory test.

What do you need to bring at the time of the exam?

On that big day of driving test, it is very important to carry with you your photocard provisional license. Forgetting it to carry it at the test venue will deprive you from taking this test. Also, your fee would not get refunded in that case.

Important things to mention at the time of booking a driving theory test

People who have any disability, reading difficulty or any other health condition that poses difficulty in taking this test, should mention it at the time of booking for the test.

Evidence from an educational professional, teacher, medical professional or doctor is needed. Also, such candidates can get support in the form of extra time to complete the test, or an assistant to read out the questions, record the answers, or reword questions.


Being prepared in advance for the driving theory test gives you the much-needed confidence and assurance. This will help you a lot in clearing the test successfully.

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