Know These Things Before Buying your First Car Audio System!

Music is said to be the best companion in a car drive. People spend more time listening to music in their car than at home. If you are planning to buy your first car audio system, then don’t forget to check this before you make a move.

 Parts of a car stereo

A car stereo system generally has three different sections –

1. Source

It allows you to choose what you want to hear. It may include –

  • AM/FM tuner
  • CD or DVD player
  • Satellite radio
  • iPod, smartphone or a USB input

2. Preamp

It makes all the sound adjustments. It controls functions like –

  • Simple volume
  • Balance
  • Fader
  • Source selection
  • Tone adjustment
  • Sophisticated crossover
  • Equalizer
  • Time correction

3. Amplifier

Like other amplifiers, it plays it’s the basic function of amplification of sound (conversion of low voltage, high current sound too high voltage, low current sound)

 Why do you need one?

There isn’t any particular answer to satiate the hunger of ‘why’. However, for convincing yourself you can simply say that buying a new car radio will give you better sound and more playback options.

What are the signs of a weak audio system?

If you have an idea about the car audio system, then it’s fine. but if you are new to the market, just follow our lead. Check for the following in your stereo system.

  • Do you control the treble control way up to get clearer music?
  • Do the bass notes feel hollow or exaggerated?
  • Do you immediately turn down the volume after turning it on, complaining that it’s irritating?

 What about replacing your factory system?

If you are planning to remove your factory system, remember it is going to be better. In many cases, the stereo and speakers are removed whereas in some cases the whole system is removed from the dash.

Advantages over a factory stereo!

Following are the benefits of an aftermarket stereo over a factory stereo.

More power- it will give cleaner sound and better bass response, that you can identify at low volume levels.

  • Better AM/FM reception – You will get more stations, fewer drifts, better FM stereo.
  • Entertainment options – playing audios and videos from the phone, controlling a satellite radio tuner, use of auxiliary or USB inputs are the new options for a playback device.
  • Bluetooth connectivity – the most awaited and common benefit of a new stereo is the ability of hands-free calling and playing wireless or medium less music.

We provide you with the best quality of stereo systems at an affordable price. If you want to buy one or replace your factory stereo, contact us without any second thought.

 How to choose the right speaker?

Choosing the right speaker is very important for them to work perfectly. First, you need to know the reason for which you want to buy a stereo.

If you want to enhance the power of your speaker, you need to buy a stereo with a good efficiency rating (sensitivity or SPL rating), since it would not require much power. It’s better to look for a speaker of SPL rating of 90dB or more. However, the speaker with higher or lower rating can sound distorted.

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