A life changing day

Some of the most unique experiences I have ever had happened in Phoenix churches. Back when I was a young girl, and just moved to Arizona, I found myself making friends with a wide range of people that you would not commonly find back in Ohio. The experiences were memorable, but at the same time, downright strange. I have gone to church before, but back in the quiet towns of Northeast Ohio, they were rather bland compared to the experiences I have had at the Christian churches in Phoenix. One of my most favorite experiences at the churches in Phoenix happened in a giant gathering of all the Phoenix churches.
One weekend day I jumped out of bed and hurried to get ready to go. I have been dying for this day because it was my first play-date with my new Arizona friends. My mom made me some toast, and packed me a little bag with a bathing suit and change of clothes, and off we went. I was spending the day with Rory, a friend I made at school. She lived on the other side of town, next to a park, and we were going to play in the sprinklers most of the day, but it turned out her mother had a last minute thing to get to, and we were stuck with her grandma. Her grandma had some church event she had to get to, and was very haste about getting there on time.
When we did arrive to the church, it was loaded with people. The spirit filled churches of Phoenix were almost overwhelming. Not one person was scared to praise the Lord for anything… well, for anything and everything. The praise was loud and the dancing was joyous. There were people from Scottsdale churches, and people from non denominational churches Phoenix, and they were all there for one purpose, to praise the Lord. The love of God was so overwhelming, but in a good way. It was as if every breath I took I was breathing in the Holy Spirit whether I wanted to or not. You could not escape God in that church, or escape the church itself being that it was so packed down with people. The event seemed to be a random gathering of all the Arizona bible churches in Phoenix, and it was comforting, almost shocking, to see the diversity and the kindness between them all, and it definitely inspired me to keep coming back.
Over the years, I found myself attending churches and youth groups on my own will, it was not something my family cared to follow through with me. To this day, I bring the light and praise I saw that day to every church I walk into. The unity was beautiful and life changing. I now attend a Christian university and am about to graduate this up-coming year. Who would have thought a simple change of plans could have such a great impact on my life, and I am sure not one of the people from that day have no idea how they have moved me and I find that inspiring in itself.